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When you’re in the market for a pool table, one of the first things we want to know is why you want one. We ask you that because buying a pool table isn’t as easy as walking into our showroom and buying the first one you see… There are several considerations to take into account when making your final decision on one, including reason. Based on your answer, we’ll know exactly the types of pool tables that will meet your needs.

“So what brings you in today?”

The answer to this question can be a number of things. Some people enjoy the game and want to incorporate it into their home’s entertainment. Then again, some people look at pool tables as a status symbol or a grand piece of furniture for guests to admire. Regardless of your reasoning, we have the perfect table for you.

Now, once we know why you’re needing a pool table, we can then move onto the other important pool purchasing areas to assist you with.

Do you know what size pool table you’re going to need?

In order for us to better assist you in choosing a pool table size, we ask that you come to us with the dimensions of the room or area you plan on placing your pool table, but that doesn’t always happen, and that’s okay… We’re billiard experts so as you can imagine, we have a few methods that will help us make an educated estimation for you.

We have the “Rough Rule of Thumb” method and the “Cue Length PLUS” method.

“Rough Rule of Thumb” Method: You take the length and width of the pool table of interest to you and add 5’ to each side all the way around. Once you do that, you’ll know how big your room should be to accommodate the size table you want.

“Cue Length PLUS” Method: This method is a bit more precise than the previous method, and it allows for you to use a longer cue. The standard size of pool tables are seven feet to nine feet, so for this method, to determine the minimum room size for the table you want, you need to know:

The minimum width of the room must equal the width of the table PLUS twice the length of the cue.

The minimum length of the room must equal the length of the table PLUS twice the length of the cue.

But, of course, we want you to be exact in your purchase, and that’s why we ask that you measure the room or area before coming to make a purchase. If you come in and don’t have the measurements, that’s okay, we promise we’re not going anywhere, so if you decide to leave and come back we’ll be right here in the same place.

Choose Nashville Billiard & Patio

We are billiard experts and have retained a happy clientele since 1953. Whether you know the specifics for your room or area or not, we’re going to work hard to get you the pool table your heart desires.

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