La Condo Duo Pool Table

The La Condo Duo by Canada Billiard is an ultramodern pool table seeking to highlight the exceptional character of solid walnut rails. Crafted with care and perfectly oiled, this prestigious type of wood reveals itself as one of the most trending material available. A most popular choice for those seeking a combo for dining and pool playing.


Sizes- 7, 8, & 9 foot
Solid Wood
Base Frame/Legs (White Birch)
Rails (Walnut – Oil Finish)
Height (30″/32″)
1″ Framed Slate
Leg Levellers
Rubber Cushions (“Master Speed”)


Canada Billiards

The story of CANADA BILLIARD is all about excellent materials, excellent craftsmanship and excellent service. That's why our story continues today, almost half a century later, through the work of dozens of proud and dedicated craftsmen and employees, working together to offer you, day after day, the best of billiards and game tables.
La Condo Duo Pool Table Contemporary/Modern