Sky Outdoor Collection

The Sky Collection from Jensen Outdoor brings a fresh, tasteful allure to outdoor living. The clean, modern lines and soft, transitional details of Sky are all masterfully expressed in the artfully-tapered contours of 100% FSC®-certified Ipe timber frame. The deep, chocolate-brown color of Ipe timber can be enjoyed for generations or allowed to transform with sun and time into a silver patina that highlights its natural beauty.


Available pieces: Sofa,
Loveseat, Lounge Chair,
Swivel Lounge, Ottoman,
Dining Arm &  Side Chair


Jensen Outdoor

At Jensen Outdoor, we believe that luxury furniture begins with the right materials. Durable, heirloom-quality pieces elegantly withstand the tests of nature, use, and time by the grace of superior materials. Learn how our heirloom-quality standard for materials is at the heart of every piece of furniture we make.
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