The Zar Home Theater Seating Group

The Zone LHR (Lumbar Head Rest) home theater recliner – delivers with clean lines and a thick comfort pad that runs down the entire seat cushion and footrest. Say hello to your new comfort zone. There is no better way to relax!

Motorized lumbar support, motorized power recline, and motorized headrest adjust all come standard with this seat. Each of these functions is controlled from the inside arm where a sleek control panel with elegant buttons forms the nexus of this seat. Can you see your weekends changing forever now before your eyes? There you are, reclining back with the perfect headrest angle and lumbar support, cool drink in hand and getting ready for the show. This is the new caliber of entertainment that you need to access now!


Motorized Lumbar System & Headrest

Italian Leather Upholstery

USB Dock Power Switch

Accessory Dock

Over 30 color and upholstery options