Dickson, TN: Shuffleboard Table

When it comes to your home’s entertainment, you probably have video games, cards, and board games, but have you ever considered the addition of a shuffleboard table? Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t, but at Nashville Billiard & Patio, we highly recommend it.

Are we being biased? Maybe just a little, but that’s because we’re billiard experts and we love all billiard games and tables. But being that we’re a family-owned business that did lots of things together as a family, including playing games together, we can genuinely, and with an unbiased opinion, say that a shuffleboard table is indeed a great addition to your family’s gaming repertoire… It truly is a family game.

We call shuffleboard a family game simply because it’s fun for the entire family. The object of the game of shuffleboard is that you slide your weights from one side of the table to the scoring area on the other side. In your attempts to get to the high scoring area, you want to try to knock your opponent’s weights off the table without knocking your own off. 

So while the game is fun, it also requires skill to be successful. You and your opponent will, of course, be aiming for the high scoring area so your weight might be at the top but they may slide their weight and knock one of your weights off the mark or off the board… All of this makes for a good time and a little bit of friendly “trash talk” as well.

Some families that own a shuffleboard table will create their own tournament bracket against other members of the family for the next game night. Doing this gives the entire family something to look forward to. You can even make it a family event with popcorn, soda, and nachos for family member bystanders! Have the younger ones create posters for their favorite shuffleboard player… Are you “Team Mom” or “Team Older Brother?”

But the best way to have this kind of fun without resorting to going to a bar or pool hall every time you want to play is to invest in a shuffleboard table for your home. If you don’t live in Nashville, or Tennessee for that matter, that’s okay. We’ve been serving middle Tennessee and the surrounding area since our establishment in 1953. So if you’re not in the local area, give us a call, and let’s see how far you are to see how we can serve you.

Choose Nashville Billiard & Patio

For us to be billiard experts, that means we need to be competent, have the experience, and be well-educated in everything billiards-related to be deemed as an expert, and that includes shuffleboard tables as well as dartboards and pool tables. And because our family-owned business had humble beginnings well before our 1953 establishment, we have decades worth of experience in the billiard industry… So if you’re going to buy a shuffleboard table from anyone, it should most definitely be from the billiard experts.

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