Goodlettsville, TN: Shuffleboard Table

They say practice makes perfect, and just as that theory holds true for pool, darts, and ping pong, it also holds true for the game of shuffleboard… It’s a game of skill.

Shuffleboard is an easy game to play that’s fun for anyone, no matter the age. There are many different games you can play with shuffleboard but the basic concept of the game is to slide your shuffleboard weights to the opposite end of the table where the scoring area is. But the trick is to be able to slide your weights to the highest scoring area without the weights sliding into the alley… It’s as simple as that.

To be successful in this game, it, of course, requires skill, but the skill isn’t just in playing the game itself… The skill of the game comes in many areas.

Skill 1: Gauging the Size of the Table- Shuffleboard tables come in many different sizes. Our shuffleboard tables come in lengths ranging from 9’ to 22’ on select tables. By knowing the size of the table, you’ll be able to better control the strength of the slide of your game weights. This is important because you’ll more than likely be playing at home and also at other locations like bars and lounges where the table sizes might be different from what you have at home.

Skill 2: Strength of the Slide- The size of the shuffleboard table will determine how strong your slide should be. In the beginning, you’re going to be “eyeballing” it, but the more you practice your slide, the better you’ll be able to “feel” how strong you need your slide to be to reach the highest points of the scoring area.

Skill 3: Holding the Shuffleboard Weight: When playing shuffleboard, even holding the weight requires skill. For novice players, for example, patrons of a bar or lounge, they’ll just come in and slide the weights any kind of way, with their palm heavily sitting atop the weight. The proper way to hold and slide the weight is to lightly place your thumb at the rear of the weight with your fingers around the edges. Your fingers should not touch the table.

Taking all of that into consideration, what better way to enhance your shuffleboard skills than to have your very own table in the comforts of your home? By enhancing your skills at home, your skills will then become adaptable, allowing you to play skillfully on any size table. 

For all your shuffleboard needs, whether it be a table or accessories, we are the billiard experts and have everything you need.

Choose Nashville Billiard & Patio

At Nashville Billiard & Patio, we know the importance of not only choosing the right shuffleboard table but also the importance of enhancing your playing skills. That’s why it’s been our pleasure and our business to be middle Tennessee and the surrounding area’s #1 supplier of shuffleboard tables from top brands. Come by our showroom to see our exquisite collection of tables today.

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